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Describe the rubber seal production process and its equipment

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Update time : 2018-10-30 14:20:31
In order to meet the demand for rubber seals at home and abroad, we will promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, improve labor productivity, and catch up with the advanced level of world development, based on technological innovations, from improving product quality and efficiency. In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have introduced some production equipment and actively organized their digestion and absorption.

It is well known that rubber seals, regardless of their shape, are mainly manufactured by semi-finished product preparation, product forming and vulcanization. Now its main equipment and technical performance are introduced as follows: 1 mixer mixer is mainly used for rubber compound mixing, it is a device that mixes raw rubber and various compounding agents into a uniform dispersion of rubber, which is in rubber The most important process in the processing process. Any improvement is due to the development of materials science in rubber compound applications, such as mechanical improvements in the mixer rotor.

1Precision preforming machine In the rubber seal production process equipment, there are two types of extruder: screw type and plunger type. Our institute has introduced the British Barwell precision pre-forming machine to the latter. It consists of a horizontal ram extruder and a head cutting device as well as hydraulic, pneumatic, pumping and electrical control systems.

2 vulcanization molding of rubber injection rubber seals, rubber flat vulcanizing machine is still widely used in China. The rubber compound is vulcanized in a mold under certain temperature, pressure and time <4>. However, in order to produce higher quality products to meet the development needs of industries such as automobiles and aerospace, rubber injection presses must be applied. To this end, our institute has introduced Japan KRV-60 type, French REP company V47 type, Italy RUTIL company RS-1000/150 type rubber injection machine, their main structure is:

(1) Screw plasticizing and piston injection part;

(2) the main plate portion;

(3) Hydraulic and cooling parts;

(4) Electrical control section. Improved in the electrical control section, using a computer and programmable controller, equipped with a CRT display on the control panel to monitor all operational actions or data

In summary, the technical level of the rubber seal production process equipment directly affects the production efficiency and product quality. Due to the high cost of foreign equipment and the difficulty of the process technology, its application has been limited, but as long as we combine Applying the actual situation and constantly summing up the experience will definitely yield fruitful results. With the rapid development of the computer, the computer can be continuously monitored without changing the mechanical equipment to realize the central network management, especially after the programmable logic controller (PLC) is applied to the rubber industry, so that it can operate independently or connect into the network. Can 48 special rubber products