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Do you know the advantages of the filter press diaphragm filter?

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Update time : 2019-01-22 15:43:18
The filter filter plate of the filter press consists of two diaphragms and a core plate. It is passed into an external medium (water or tight air, etc.) into the chamber between the core plate and the diaphragm, so that the diaphragm bulges to the diaphragm filter plate and the chamber. The filter chamber formed by the filter plate is compacted, and thus the separation is very good, and the solid content is improved. In the meantime, the diaphragm is the primary moving component, and the repeated motion simply deforms and damages the diaphragm.

    The filter press diaphragm filter plate is divided into a rubber diaphragm filter plate and a polypropylene diaphragm filter plate. The rubber diaphragm filter plate is usually embedded in the groove of the core plate for easy disassembly and replacement. Since the rubber diaphragm has high elasticity, it is not easily damaged. The polypropylene filter plate diaphragm is usually welded by integral welding, and the welded diaphragm is not replaceable.
    Advantages of replaceable rubber diaphragm diaphragm filter:
    1. Short filtering time
    2. Short washing time
    3. Low residual humidity
    4. Diaphragm can be replaced
    5. The filter press closing force does not directly act on the diaphragm
    6. High diaphragm elasticity
    7. Even if the diaphragm moves under the cavity state, it will not cause problems.
    8. Diaphragm movement is not tied at all times
    9. The sealing system of the filter plate system is good.
    10. The filtrate outlet channel has a large cross section
    11. Wide range of applications
    12. The diaphragm system is highly safe