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Oil packaging timing should pay attention to matters

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Update time : 2018-10-10 16:27:12
Oil packaging should pay attention to:

1. The shaft and cavity of the assembled oil seal shall meet the precision and surface roughness (including the shaft end chamfer) required by the assembly;

2. No scars, burrs or paint rust are allowed in the oil packaging and distribution parts. It is necessary to prevent bumps when handling the shaft and cavity.

3, before the oil package, carefully clean the shaft and cavity, and apply a thin layer of cleaning oil, or apply a consistent oil or grease on the lip of the oil seal;

4, the oil should be correctly used when the package is inserted, it is best to use a press;

5. When there is a keyway or spline groove on the shaft, it should be protected by a protective cover to avoid damage to the lip;

6. The bottom of the oil seal after loading should be kept perpendicular to the axis.