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The advantages of rubber seals are reflected in those aspects

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Update time : 2018-12-25 11:29:50
The rubber seal is a green rubber product which has high elasticity under normal temperature conditions, is slightly plastic, and has good installation hardness. Green rubber usually refers to a green latex obtained from a rubber tree, which is solidified by agglomeration, dryness, and the like. The seal has good gas permeability resistance or resistance to various chemical media and electrical insulation. Some individual synthetic rubbers have excellent oil resistance and temperature resistance, and can protect against fatty oil, grease, hydraulic oil, Swelling of fuel oil or solvent oil.

    Due to the physical properties of the green rubber, the seal has high elasticity at room temperature, slightly plasticity, and the seal has a good installation hardness, and the lag is small. At the same time, the sealing member has low heat generation when it is changed several times, so its flex resistance is also good, and it is due to non-polar rubber, so the electric insulation efficiency is excellent.
    Seals, their service life, is mainly related to the use of profiles, or working conditions. At the same time, if the rubber types are different, in general, under different working conditions, the degree of damage of the rubber seals should be different. In addition to this, the rigor of the work of the items, or the degree of fit of the facilities, etc., should be hindered. Therefore, it is necessary to think in order to be accurate.
    Seals are the basic components of a mechanical product that require careful care. With the rapid development of new industrial technology, danger and attention to low consumption, the rubber seals have a higher interpretation of the benefits, smoothness and years of the seal. The seals are also on the verge of surpassing new ones. Just because a lot of service centers host the Bank, occupying the host equipment in the market, the seals themselves are constantly transforming their hearts, implementing the integration of equipment and professionals, in production equipment, testing technology, mold design and Manufacturing, computer professionals and Internet technology applications have all contributed to new improvements.