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Introduction to the characteristics of diaphragm filter press. Home > TECHNOLOGY > Introduction to the characteristics of diaphragm filter press.
The diaphragm filter press is a filter press in which an elastic film is installed between the filter plate and the filter cloth. After feeding, the high-pressure fluid and gas are injected, and the whole diaphragm bulges and presses the filter cake to achieve the dewatering of the filter cake, which is what we usually call pressing filtration. 

The diaphragm filter press is mainly used to reduce the moisture in the material, wash the liquid impurities in the filter cake, improve the purity of solid components in the filter residue, in addition, wash the valuable components in the filter cake and remove harmful impurities to improve the recovery rate of the filtrate. 

The diaphragm filter press has the advantages of high pressing pressure, good corrosion resistance and convenient maintenance, so it is widely used in various fields of solid-liquid separation. Mainly used for sludge and sewage treatment. 

The diaphragm filter plate of the diaphragm filter press has two choices: air press and water press, and the pressing pressure range is 0.5-1.6MPa.The frame adopts hydraulic compression, automatic control, automatic pressure holding and program control functions; only need to control the buttons of the electric control cabinet to achieve all actions; equipped with safety devices to ensure safe operation. Widely used in coal washing, inorganic salts, alcohol, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, light industry, coal, food, textile, environmental protection, energy and other industries solid-liquid separation process.