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Throughout the market of filter press equipment, the most mysterious is the diaphragm filter press. Because it is the latest filter press equipment and has won the recognition and favor of many users because it can complete the low water content of the filter cake, but for most people, the diaphragm filter press is still dressed in a mysterious color, leaving aside the common sense of the principle and layout of the diaphragm filter press.Start with some common sense of the details of the diaphragm filter press. 

1. Diaphragm filter press filter plate. As for the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press, compared with the chamber filter press, it has a higher degree of similarity and can basically reach 80% similarity. It chooses the spatial distributary channel, the double-sided sag undulates shallowly, usually between the 1cm~2cm, the bottom surface has countless blind spots, and below the sag, there is a drainage flow channel. However, the diaphragm filter plate is still different from the chamber filter press filter plate, no matter how large it is designed, it will not have a bump, that is because its depression is shallower, then there is no need for a bump to transmit and accept pressure. 

2. Hydraulic system of diaphragm filter press. When the diaphragm filter press needs the filter plate to expand, the hydraulic system will actively control the flow of the expanded pipe, send the hydraulic oil into the filter plate, prop up the filter plate, and then complete the effect of secondary dehydration of the filter cake. However, when the filter plate of the diaphragm press filter is no longer inflated, there is a very important detail to pay attention to. That is, the equipment will actively close the hydraulic oil flow pipe, open the other end of the discharge pipe valve, and then pump the hydraulic oil in the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press into the hydraulic box to restore the filter plate to its original shape, which forms the circulation process of the hydraulic system.